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The Centres

Where I've Climbed

As I'm exploring more and more places to climb, I thought I'd add this section in to highlight all the climb centres we've visited, either on a regular basis or as one off stop ins.

Climbing Wall
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Llangorse Multi-Activity Centre, Llangorse, Brecon

My First and My Local

Llangorse is a fantastic centre, one that I fell in love with from the off. With both climbing and bouldering rooms there's something for all climbers and the routes are brilliantly set by Morgan with a mixture of static and dynamic climbs. As the routes tend not to be too obvious to look at, they really aid with the development of route reading.

Also since lockdown, more improvements have been made with the addition of a moon board and a circuit wall for endurance training.

A definite must visit centre for me!

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Boulder Barn, Hereford

My Other Local

Boulder Barn is my other regular centre to climb, with only the facility of bouldering (as the name suggests). This large warehouse is broken up with towers to climb on and a funky archway, with the angles of the walls adding to the fun of the routes that are set. 

With tall walls that add the fear of the height exposure, the routes that are set tend to be less dynamic due to the height, but this supports the development of the longevity and endurance of climbs, as well as building a comfort with the height aspect.

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Redpoint, Worcester

My Sister's Uni Local

I have only attended Redpoint once whilst visiting my sister in university, however it was a large centre with facilities for climbing and bouldering with an interesting central structure you climb to the summit of before walking across a archway and down a series of ladders.

As I've only been once, and it was early on in my climbing journey, I'm hesitant to comment on the type of routes that are there. Although it did seem that graded routes that I should have been capable of were more difficult than in other centres.

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