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Llangorse Multi-Activity Centre

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

They say you always have a soft spot for your first, that couldn't be more true. Llangorse was the first centre Sam took me to and I instantly fell in love with it.

Parking up and walking towards the centre I literally had no idea what to expect, and after checking in and walking down the long corridor to the climbing area, nerves building, I was greeted by the coolest place I could have imagined. Looking over the balcony, all you could see was down into the pit, a massive abyss lined with rocks to practice outdoor climbing on normal rock faces. This then led me across to the main climbing area with 12 walls to climb all way too high for me to even consider trying at that stage. Then we descended the stairs into the bouldering room, an absolute playground from the off.

From the outside, what looked like a normal farm opened up Tardis-like, to be this haven for climbers, a massive space with four different main areas for climbers to enjoy the part of the sport that they love most.

I've created the plans for the bouldering room below just as a way of marking out the room so when I talk about different routes on different walls, hopefully the plan should give an idea of the different locations in the room and what routes have been on which walls. The pictures underneath are just to give an idea of the different areas on the plan and what the walls look like.

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